Somatic Web

A website that takes a playful perspective on the importance of childrens learning.

Design Process

The website uses some techniques that are only recently being used. Our client wanted there to be a sense of "unease" to the website, while still being professional and not distracting. With the use of a horizontal we felt that we achieved this level of uneasiness, because most pages are vertical. We also achieved this by having a modern flat design, while also incorporating more details child drawn elements as well.

One of the important criteria we met was to make it more than just a static flat website. We incorporated as many aspects of somatic engagement into the website including sound effects and moving images through the interaction with the cursor. The spinning "O" in SOMA, the boy sliding down, the children jump roping, and the wind blowing through the trees, are just some the examples we included to engage with the visitor and subtly teach them about what somatic engagement is about.

We wanted to give them a world of somatic engagement that they could explore. That is why we built an environment with a road map feel. Taking them from understanding what somatic engagement is to ways they can incorporate it. We also wanted it to be fun and not stale like some research sites, which is why we added the dinosaur to the research page so as your digging down in to the different layers of information you can see the dinosaur in the sediment.